About Us

Terrafertil was formed nine years ago by us, in our native South America. A band of three brothers and two cousins, we saw the impact exporting goldenberries could have on Andean farmers’ lives.

We pride ourselves on the social impact we’re having in Colombia and Ecuador, where we work with hundreds of small growers and local communities. By growing the demand of this fruit across the world, Terrafertil is creating sustainable jobs for Andean farmers. We truly hope you enjoy our Goldenberries, and by doing so, you’re not only contributing to your health but also helping us make a difference in many people’s lives.

Thank you!

Daniel, David, Raul, Jonathan and Ramon.

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Scientifically known as the Physalis fruit, our goldenberries are picked by hand on over 400 small farms and carefully dried in Colombia and Ecuador.

We are the only BRC Grade A growers and producers of goldenberries in the world. Our goldenberries, grown on the beautiful and rolling Andean mountains, have to be harvested at an altitude of between 300 and 2,400 metres and producing them is a year-round job!

Through Terrafertil we have built community centres, are fully supported by US AID and have trained and supported farmers whilst working under Fair Trade guidelines.

Grown among fields of flowers in South America, each goldenberry plant is strung high above the ground to ensure it stays protected.

Cultivated on pristine farmland specifically selected for its soil and air quality, we ensure the highest standard of fruit is grown along with the best return for local farmers and communities.